The SEO Space exists to deliver the very best in full service creative & search engine marketing. Don’t let your business get lost, instead be found online.

At The SEO Space, I pride myself on offering proven digital marketing strategies, coupled with ongoing research, a commitment to staying educated with progressing online market changes, while still dedicated to tracking, reporting (transparency) and continuing development, in an effort to provide the most effective, compelling online marketing solutions for your business.

Ethics are at the core of what I do. When choosing a marketing expert, this should be a priority. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, right?

At The SEO Space, an authentic straight-forward approach is applied. With a strong work ethic, I set out to deliver compelling messages that drive your consumers to you and engage them with your brand or service. By realizing that you have built a business you are proud of, the pursuit of your online reach and reputation will be carried out with the utmost in integrity.

Through recording and tracking all online marketing, I aim to ensure that your business goals are being delivered on. This takes diligence; and the ability to show you results by employing the most progressive online strategies. Being fluid in regards to marketing is important. I will adjust what isn’t working, in an effort to effect the change you want to see!

I understand you’ve put in real sweat equity in establishing your business. I respect it whole heartedly. If you are now seeking valuable knowledge for marketing that business in a modern way, then The SEO Space is here for you. I will respect and honor your hard work, by offering my own, which will show through the integrity and diligence in which I provide my work!

“The internet is a vast space, don’t lose your potential customers to your comptetition. Partner with The SEO Space and get your business found online!”

Grace Barbier